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Google Play Store to ban platform ‘sugar dating’ apps from September 1 – Technology News, Firstpost

by on July 30, 2021 0
PF trendJuly 30, 2021 4:21:28 PM IST Following a series of policy changes, Google’s Android Play at the store will not allow “Sugar dating” applications as of September 1. First noticed by Android Police, sweet apps refer to apps that allow “paid sex”. Other changes initiated by Google include a new crackdown on inactive... Read More

The best dating apps for divorced men

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Full Disclosure: I am not now and have never been a divorced male. This is largely because, despite the emotional identification of a 44-year-old divorcee, I am a single woman in my twenties. But even though I might not know much about being a divorced man, I happen to know a thing or two... Read More

Google Removes ‘Sugar Dating’ Apps From Play Store

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“Sugar dating” applications will no longer be allowed on the Android Play Store from September 1, Google announced as part of a series of policy changes for the platform. The change, which was first reported by Android Police, specifically prohibits applications relating to “paid sex”. Other upcoming changes to the platform include a further... Read More