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Alex Rodriguez kicks off his dating game after banging with J-Lo

By on April 16, 2022 0

Former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is apparently back in the dating game and her name is Kathryne Padgett.

That’s right, A-Rod has been seen with the fitness contestant on several occasions and as recently as April 12 when the two were spotted wheeling around in his red Porsche. But is the 46-year-old former athlete just training with Padgett or are the two building a new romance?

Better yet, is Rodriguez doing his best to move on after ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez announces her engagement to Ben Affleck?

Alex Rodriguez nearly hit a home run with Jennifer Lopez

After J.Lo and A-Rod officially became a couple in 2017, the queen of entertainment and the highly acclaimed athlete had become a power couple before breaking things off in March 2021 after nearly two years of engagement.

In a joint statement, the two claimed that even though the romance has faded, their friendship and business partnership are still very strong.

“We realized we were better as friends and we can’t wait to stay that way,” Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez told E! News in a joint statement. “We will continue to work together and support each other on our joint activities and projects.”

While the two were the cover page of celebrity couples during this time, it seems J.Lo’s heart was with Affleck as scammer The star carved herself out in almost no time, falling back into her former lover’s arms after their own failed engagement.

This time around, it looks like Lopez and Affleck are ready to take the next step, which leaves Rodriguez with no choice but to move on. He certainly makes sure it appears that way after being seen with Padgett just days after Bennifer’s engagement announcement.

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Speaking of the announcement, Alex Rodriguez was dared to address his former fiancée’s engagement while covering a Boston Red Sox game against the New York Yankees on April 10. while Rodriguez to his credit shook himself talking about the other positive news around the world.

“It’s a great moment in sports,” A-Rod replied on the show. “You have a new Masters champion, the NBA playoffs are about to start, baseball is in full swing, people are getting engaged. I mean it’s a happy time in the world.

While it must sting that Jennifer Lopez left the former Yankees star to rekindle a relationship with the ultimate Red Sox fan in Ben Affleck, it’s good to see he’s doing his best to move on, and it seems he does so with Padgett.

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