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Ian Harewood is a Barbadian author who writes under the pseudonym Mule Mind. He is the creator of the book “Some are looking for masters and some are looking for saviors.”

The book, which was released on August 8, 2021 and has already received a five-star review on Amazon, is a collection of his dating experiences over the years after multiple failed relationships of which he was the savior.

Later he began to realize that some women preferred men who were “masters”.

“I’ve been through a few failed relationships and I’ve always been the right guy in relationships. I was raised and learned that I always have to be the right guy in the relationship and I still have some bad guys. ruptures.

“I was trying to figure out what I had done wrong in relationships, and it reminded me of the saying that good people end up last.

“Over the years, observing other people and their relationships and watching how good women treat guys who are mean and treat them badly and despite that treatment, these women still love these men. I was like here, I was a good guy and I treated women well – why can’t I find someone who would go hard for me? ” he said.

Harewood said that by doing his soul-searching, he decided that his research should be compiled into a book to educate his male peers who faced similar situations in their relationship journeys.

“I thought I should share the information with guys who are like me. I have not received any negative response from people. Even my editor who read the book said he could identify a lot of traits in the book because he identified himself as a savior in his previous relationships.

Now that he’s a different individual, he sees himself more as a master, ”he said.

The first-time author has stated that the concept of the book is twofold in that the “savior” is seen as the hero while the “master” is seen as the anti-hero.

However, during the book, people would realize that the Savior is the one who suffers the most in their relationships.

“The concept of the book is ‘Master’ and ‘Savior’.

The hero and the anti-hero. When you read the book, some people may identify the “Master” as the wicked and the “Savior” as the good guy, but many times in the book, the savior is the one who ends up losing because he is the one who. puts 90 percent in the relationship and the other person puts 10 percent, and when the relationship is over, he or she loses the most in the relationship.

Basically in the book I say the Savior is reduced to pulp for his good deeds, ”he said.

Harewood said he wanted people who read his book, especially men, to understand that in an age of women’s independence, it’s okay for a woman to take care of them.

“Right now women are more independent, so they can’t expect a man to be supposed to think for her and save her from the brutal and crazy world and she can’t save herself. I feel that a woman can save herself. Sometimes men can let women take the lead and provide for both, ”he said.

Harewood invited people to read his book by going to Amazon and typing books into the search bar, then typing Mule Mind – Some Look for Masters & Some Look For Saviors. (Write the right PR services).

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