Dating apps become a warehouse for online crooks

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Software engineer loses Rs 37.3 lakh after an online “friend” takes all their savings

A 45-year-old software engineer lost Rs 37.3 lakh to online scammers after he was promised a premium membership on the dating app. Victim, Raghupathy, a resident of Seva Nagar in Kammanahalli, while surfing the net came across an online encounter application and tried to register as a member in December of last year.

An unidentified person claiming to belong to the dating site called him and lured him to pay for membership and since then he has started paying money for various fees from his SBI account. He spent all his savings and even borrowed money from his friend to pay until April 2021. He soon realized that he had been duped and when his friends started harassing him to repay the loan. money, Raghupathy approached the eastern cybercrime division police station and filed a complaint. Police have obtained the bank details to which the money was transferred online and efforts are being made to locate the accused.
In a similar incident, a 26-year-old private company employee was trapped by one of his wives Facebook friends who lured him into a private conversation, and recorded the conversation and extorted Rs 51,000

from him. When the ransom demand increased and the victim could not endure the harassment, Deepak from Münekolal approached the Whitefield cybercrime police and filed a complaint on Tuesday. In his complaint to the cops, the victim said he became friends with the woman on Facebook in May of this year and shared the numbers. The duo quickly started chatting privately and forced him to undress. However, unbeknownst to him, the woman recorded the conversations and then started blackmailing him and threatening him to upload the videos and also share them with his friends on social media. Fearing that his reputation was at stake, he transferred 51,000 rupees to his digital wallet account.

Whitefield Police are now trying to locate the accused based on details of where the money was transferred. It will be recalled that Whitefield cybercrime police dismantled a similar racketeering and arrested two people from Rajasthan in April this year for blackmailing and extorting money from a 26-year-old. SAI sucking by trapping him online and recording his nude videos.

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