Dating apps: how to win on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge

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Dating apps are easy to download, but they don’t have to be easy to learn. You not only need to choose photos of yourself to show the world, but you also need to understand how to fill out your profile, chat with matches, and possibly invite someone out on a date. Meetings are hard! Here’s how to get the most out of your profile and hopefully find love online.

How to choose your application

To increase your chances of finding a partner, you can download several apps. However, if you’re starting with just one, think about which app might appeal to the people you are most interested in. Is religion important to you? Maybe try a dating app specific to your religion, like Christian Mingle or JSwipe. Think of dating apps like bars: everyone develops their own community and has their own priorities that can determine how people act on the app.

Bumble, for example, only lets women go first, while OkCupid and Grindr offer pronoun options. This could impact who is on the app and what they like. Basically you want an app where the people you want to date are located. If you are not sure, try one or ask a friend. You can also pretty much assume that everyone is on Tinder because it’s from afar the largest dating app owned by Match Group (which also owns OkCupid and

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How to choose a photo

Once you’ve chosen your app, you’ll need to select photos of yourself to show the world. The rules here are clear: make sure potential matches can see your face, don’t use too many selfies, avoid a bunch of group photos, and don’t post photos with someone who might be mistaken (or was !) an ex.

Everyone on an app wants to know what you really looks like, so make sure it’s clear and easy to understand. Personally, I don’t like the people who wear sunglasses in every photo because it doesn’t give me a good idea of ​​their face. Maybe other people are more flexible about this, but the idea still stands: show your face. Also, if you have pictures of yourself participating in a real activity, like a sport or a creative field, that is great too.

Of course, the classic criteria of a good photo apply. Work on your angles and rely on natural light. At least have a few quality photos handy that you can use on dating apps.

How to complete your profile

Be yourself. Really, just lean on your personality here. The apps vary depending on how much effort they want you to put into your profile. Hinge, for example, prompts users to respond, while Tinder only has a basic bio field that users can fill out however they want. Give people something to work with when thinking about what to write. How can they respond to your profile? That’s about the only thing they’ll have to do besides your photos, so create an interesting bio that shows who you really are. The more personality you can give it, the better.


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How to send the first message

It can be tricky, sure, but Hinge CEO Justin McLeod told me that a confident statement is 25% more effective than asking if a conversation ends up leaving the app. Start with a comment on anything your match has posted on their profile. Above all, do not count on a “hello”, or a “hello” or “how was your day? It’s boring and it won’t facilitate an interesting conversation. You’ve spent some time thinking about what you’ve written on your profile and you probably want someone to recognize it, so do the same for a match.

Okay, now that you have successfully mastered the apps, take it easy and have a chat.

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