Drew Barrymore has had no luck with dating apps

By on December 22, 2021 0

Photo: Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Keeping the faith while online dating is a struggle in a good day. A day when you discover that Drew Barrymore struggles to find matches on dating sites, it’s almost impossible.

In case you weren’t watching The Drew Barrymore Show, a) what are you waiting for, that’s perfect, and b) each episode ends with a game of “drewth or dare” where Barrymore answers personal questions from audience members. And on Monday, December 20, “Drewth or Dare,” she spoke in depth about her experience with the dating app. “No one has logged in with me,” she told the audience. “It makes me feel like a loser.” I never thought I would say that, but I think Drew Barrymore and I are having the same love life right now.

Unlike me, however, Drew is hopeful. “It’s just difficult there. It’s hard there for everyone. It’s tough in person, it’s tough on dating apps, it’s vulnerable, ”she continued. “But you keep trying.”

Her advice for keeping your head up while checking all those empty inboxes on Bumble or OK Cupid, or whatever dating app she uses, is to make sure that your happiness doesn’t depend on a relationship. “I don’t think my happiness is on this dating app. I think that icing on the cake in my life at a practical, cool, inspiring and unexpected time could be here, but that’s it.

Barrymore seems at peace with his bad luck on apps, and while I admire his confidence, I also have to question the state of men in general. Who slides left on Drew Barrymore? Who leaves it for reading? Imagine stumbling upon Drew Barrymore – a Charlie’s Angel, a true national treasure, a light in the dark of television during the day – on a dating app and thinking, “Hey, I can do better. It could never be me.

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