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‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry opens up about his love life, being a dad

By on October 19, 2022 0


Matthew Perry is still looking for the Chosen One and isn’t afraid to find love.

The ‘Friends’ star, 53, broke off his engagement to literary executive Molly Hurwitz last year, but he still wants to be husband and father.

He detailed his past relationships as well as addiction issues in his final memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

“It was me who sucked,” Perry noted of the end of his engagement in a recent profile for People. “That’s what I’m showing, something wrong with them. And then I break up with them.

The Canadian native continued: “But there can’t be a problem with everyone. I am the common denominator. I left first because I thought they were going to destroy me.

Perry has had high profile relationships with Lizzy Caplan, Yasmine Bleeth and Julia Roberts.

He is now looking for a kindred spirit with qualities such as “self-sufficiency”.

“Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” will debut in libraries on November 1.

Perry also admitted that he had been “burnt a few times by women who wanted my money, but didn’t really care about me”.

“A sense of humor, beautiful inside and out, caring. It’s really important, someone who can go back and forth with me,” he added.

The sitcom star is swiping left on anyone in the relationship for their money. “Someone who has their own wealth is pretty key for me,” Perry said.

Friends - Season 1
The cast of ‘Friends’ – Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston.
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He later confessed to being “tremendously scared” about falling in love, however, “through a lot of hard work, I overcame that fear. I will learn as I go. »

Perry continued, “What’s changed about me is that I have no interest in hanging out with someone I don’t know or someone I don’t like that much. The next person I really take seriously is someone I’m going to fall in love with and not be scared of by the things that used to scare me.

Matthew Perry
“But there can’t be a problem with everyone. I am the common denominator,” Perry said.

As for being a dad on the road someday, Perry thinks he’d be “great” at it. “I grew up with a lot of little kids around me, and that’s probably why, but I can’t wait,” he said.

“I’m not driven by the fear that drove me before, so it’s all a bit different,” he said. “I feel more confident and I’m not afraid of love anymore, so the next girl I’m dating better watch out.”

Also in his book, the ’17 Again’ actor spoke candidly about his issues with Vicodin abuse and how, at age 49, he nearly died of a gastrointestinal perforation and spent months in hospital. .

“Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” will be available on November 1.

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