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Get off the dating apps and try a Mix & Mingle in Saratoga

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Scrolling through dating apps can be a mind-blowing experience; trust me when i say “soul sucker!” You start to wonder if anyone is even being honest or if you’ll ever find someone who isn’t just looking for a date. If you’re ready to leave the apps behind and meet people in real life, this might be the singles mixer to find your true love or your next date! It’s going to be a fun, low-key night where you can mingle with other singles and maybe even find your next great love (or whatever you’re in the market for). Baileys Saratoga & Saratoga Living have teamed up with Deep Eddy Vodka to help break the ice.

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Here’s how it will work! You will receive a free “Ice Breaker” cocktail from Deep Eddy and a card with half of a celebrity couple. You’ll have a job that night: find the person to party with the other half of the dynamic duo. Once you’ve done so, bring both cards to the check-in table to redeem a signature singles night prize.

So why should you attend a Singles Mixer? Sometimes it feels like dating is nothing more than a numbers game. You go on date after date, but you can’t seem to meet anyone who clicks with you. If you’re tired of sitting at home scrolling through your dating app of choice and having more left swipes, it’s time for a change! It will be a relaxed and fun evening where you can meet people without pressure. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next great love (or whatever you’re looking for). Here are three more reasons why you should participate:

1. You deserve a night out
You work hard and you deserve a night on the town! So why not mingle with other singles? You never know who you might meet. You’ll have a great time and at least get free Deep Eddy drinks!

2. Take a break from apps
Remember that episode of Black Mirror where everyone was addicted to their dating app? Don’t let that be you! Turn off your phone for a night and meet people face to face. It will be refreshing!

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3. Support local businesses and have fun!
Saratoga Living Magazine is partnering with Deep Eddy Vodka & Bailey’s Saratoga for this event, so by attending you’ll also be supporting some local businesses! And what’s not to like about that? Bailey’s Saratoga is a favorite spot in town, and you know you’ll have a great time mingling there, too.

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It’s time to get out of the house and meet your next date the old-fashioned way, in person. Nervous to go alone? Groups are encouraged! Get all your single women or men together for a fun night out, or bring a friend who is married or married (there will be wingman/wingman name tags available). Bailey’s Single in Saratoga is Wednesday, October 12. For more information visit baileyscafe.com

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