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Hannah Brown appearing on ‘Celebrity Dating Game’ after finding love

By on April 21, 2021 0

Bachelorette frontman Hannah Brown will take the stage on a new dating show, and maybe that’s where she met her new boyfriend Adam Woolard.

Hannah Brown fans who loved watching her The bachelorette and Dancing with the stars will soon have another chance to see the courageous pageant maiden adorn their TV screens again in a new show called The Celebrity Dating Game. Hannah has been dating boyfriend Adam Woolard for the past few months, and with her upcoming appearance on the new dating show some fans are wondering if Celebrity Dating Game was at the origin of their love story.

After his dramatic season of The bachelorette, Hannah Brown decided to go out for a bit. With her sleazy final rose recipient in her rearview mirror, Hannah was back and forth with finalist Tyler Cameron. They spent a lot of time together in quarantine last year, and although he had affairs with other women, Hannah and Tyler always seemed to look back on each other. After their romance finally came to an end, Hannah found love with a new man, and she never looked happier.


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Hannah Brown has sought professional help with her dating life before, so it’s no huge shock that she’s interested in trying another dating show at this point in her life. As reported by Variety, The Celebrity Dating Game the series offers a new twist on the classic The dating game format. The show will feature Michael Bolton and Zooey Deschanel as hosts. In each episode, a new guest celebrity will be kept a secret by a panel of three singles. At the end of the game, the singles will guess who the celebrity is.

In an interview with HEY, host Michael Bolton has revealed that Hannah Brown is one of the guest celebrities appearing in future episodes. In the clip shown by HEY, Michael Bolton sings Hannah with an original song and provides clues to her identity, such as references to a windmill and her ex-fiance Jed Wyatt. Michael Bolton also hints that Hannah may have met her current boyfriend Adam on the show, saying “there was definitely alchemyBetween Hannah and the competitors.

Hannah and Adam made their relationship official in January, so it’s possible the former frontman of The bachelorette met him on The Celebrity Dating Game. But regardless of whether or not Hannah met her new man on the game show, she is sure to have a great time. With her good sense of humor and contagious positive attitude, Hannah’s episode of this new show might just be the best of the season.

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