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Has Hannah Brown been dumped? Why is she on ‘Celebrity Dating Game’?

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Old Bachelorette Hannah Brown appears on ABC’s new dating show The celebrity dating game. Her appearance may confuse fans as she is dating model Adam Woolard. Is she single again ??

Bachelorette Take over from ABC on Monday evenings

Katie Thurston’s season The bachelorette premieres Monday, June 7. The Season 4 finale of The good doctor aired after the first two hours. But starting the following week, ABC’s prime-time Monday night block will be entirely Bachelor Nation.

On June 14, ABC launches the reboot of The celebrity dating game. The first episode presents the old Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Another Bachelor Nation alumnus will also appear on the dating show.

Wait, isn’t Hannah Brown in a relationship with someone? Why is she on a dating show? Was she the for the right reasons?

Has Hannah Brown been dumped? Why is she on The Celebrity Dating Show?

Hannah Brown went official on Instagram with model Adam Woolard earlier this year. Are they already finished? Fear not, Bachelor Nation fans. Hannah Brown may have finally found lasting love. She’s still going strong with Woolard. So why did she appear in a dating contest?

The simple explanation is that the series was filmed before it started dating Adam Woolard. People reports that the couple met on a dating app. The fact that she is in a stable relationship likely spoils the outcome of her appearance on The celebrity dating game.

Credit: Adam Woolard / Instagram

Does her connection to the windmill follow her everywhere?

During his season on The bachelorette, Hannah Brown got intimate with Peter Weber in an interesting place. As she proclaimed on national television, she fucked in a windmill. It seems she will never live it.

A promo for The Celebrity Dating Game reveals that windmills are still a topic of conversation. The premise of the show is that contestants must guess the identity of the celebrities based on clues. One clue Hannah gives to her potential suitor is, “I went down into a windmill.”

The contestant reveals that he too has gone mad in a windmill. But based on the current state of Hannah Brown’s relationship, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Are you excited for ABC’s reboot of The Celebrity Dating Game? Were you worried that Hannah Brown would be dumped again? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Other celebrities appearing on the series include actor Taye Diggs, actress Nicole Byer and pop star Iggy Azalea.

Don’t forget to watch the ABC premiere on Monday, June 14, after The bachelorette.

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