How dating apps navigate through scams and frauds and

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what users can do to protect themselves!

It’s safe to say that dating apps have become an important part of our lives, whether you’re single, divorced, or just looking to spice things up a bit. With the launch of the sea of ​​dating apps, people now have the opportunity to meet new people and choose the best match for themselves. However, despite the many benefits that dating apps bring to the table, there could be equally troublesome issues that dating apps and their users need to be vigilant about in order to maintain a safe digital dating space for all.

The endless possibilities of meeting new people lead to interesting and unique experiences. Every person is different and while dating apps give you the opportunity to connect with great people, there can also be times when these platforms can get a bit problematic, especially since no one knows who. is really the person you matched with behind the screen. They may not always be genuine and may mislead the match into scams, fraudulent behavior and more. It is at this point that breach of trust not only creates emotional damage for the genuine user, but also makes it extremely crucial for dating apps to formulate stricter guidelines and policies while educating their users to beware. such circumstances.

It’s not just limited to dating apps, but a not-so-glamorous part of anything to do with the web. There could be cases of catfishing, fraudulent behavior, financial scams and more, making it extremely crucial for dating apps to keep their users safe, secure and private. One of those unique and very discreet dating apps for married people – Gleeden understands these safety concerns, especially towards women and has designed some of the safest policies to ensure that everyone is protected from harmful behavior.

Sharing her thoughts on online dating and its safety, Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager for Gleeden, India, says, “Designed for married people, Gleeden is aware of the safety concerns of our users and ensures that they have a Total confidentiality. Our moderation team is active 24/7 and each profile is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the community is made up of 100% real members. In addition, both male and female users can easily report abuse and misconduct with their special security features such as Discreet Icon, Panic Button, Shake to Exit, and Private Albums that give users an extra cushion of security and discretion.

Taking their security to another level, especially for female users, Gleeden allows women to block unsolicited profiles at any time and put them on their private “blacklists”. They can also report profiles that they believe are fake or misbehaving and may upset the wider community. “These profiles are thoroughly investigated by our moderation team and are banned if deemed to violate community standards. It is through Gleeden’s ongoing efforts to protect the privacy of its members that we haven’t seen a single incident of catfishing so far and nearly 58% of married women think Gleeden is much safer than other dating apps,” adds Sybille.

Although dating apps take strict measures for the safety of their users, only the real user can stop these scams from happening in the first place. Users should be extremely careful in identifying red flags and misconduct in any form and immediately disassociate or report the fraudulent user. It is important for users to understand that suspicious behavior may come to light suddenly or slowly during a prolonged conversation with the fraudulent user. Some common scams occur when the match does not share personal life details, tries to move the conversation to another platform, asks to get intimate too soon, initiates or requests monetary transactions, shares links for NGOs or other transactions, etc.

And while we recognize and talk about the need for security and privacy, in the digital age, the truth is that an individual’s security is entirely up to them, with or without dating app regulations and policies. Therefore, users should be diligent and refrain from sharing their personal contact numbers or meeting anyone without knowing them. Clearly define your boundaries, know when things escalate too quickly into suspicious behavior, and be sure to report it to the app so other users can be safe and not encounter the same profile.

After all, only with the right identification can these fraudulent activities be stopped at the grassroots level, making the space safer and more authentic for everyone involved.

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