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How to get more matches on Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps

By on December 16, 2021 0

Online dating can be overwhelming, although it is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet someone. Over 44 million Americans used dating apps in 2020, according to Statistical research. But, according to a 2020 to study According to Pew Research Center, only 12% of users say they have found a committed relationship with an online match. With so many faces to walk through, and literally thousands of apps to choose, it is no wonder that so many singles suffer from fatigue dating app.

But with a few tips from online dating coaches and matchmakers, singles can learn tips on how to write a more compelling profile and choose their best photos. Insider hacks make it easier to navigate the algorithm – like knowing the best times of day to swipe and message, when to update or delete your profile and start over, and why to upgrade to Tinder Plus or Hinge. Preferred could be worth the investment. Here’s how to make apps work for you in 2022 and beyond.

Fill out your dating profile as you see fit

If you’re going to download the apps and spend some time sweeping, you might as well do your best. (Read: If you’re just looking for a distraction on your phone, there’s no end to social media that might scratch that itch instead.) So the first step to winning at online dating is to engage. to completely fill out your profile, says dating coach Damona hoffmann.

“Every opportunity to add a preference, give an intelligent response to a Hinge profile prompt, or answer an OkCupid matching question is a chance for someone to connect with you on a deeper level than just thinking. how cute you are, ”Hoffman told Bustle.

Hoffman recommends “telling stories instead of writing lists” in your “about me” and include specific details while keeping it concise. The first sentence should be catchy and catchy.

“Organic is more important than you think,” says Alyssa Dineen, dating coach and founder of Style my NYC profile. Instead of listing hobbies and interests, she recommends thinking about the most eccentric thing about you and leading with it. “If you have a resume for a biography, it doesn’t catch anyone’s interest. You want to stand out, ”she explains.

Takeaway meals

  • Complete each question.
  • Write stories on lists.
  • Take a look at unusual details.

Choose photos for your dating profile that best represent you

According to a dating expert Meredith Doré, your photos match; then, “your bio is responsible for moving the process forward to a video chat or meeting.” If you run out of matches, your photos might not be good enough, she says, “The difference between poor photos and great photos can increase the match rate by 70% or more. “

When selecting photos to best represent yourself, smiling is your best bet. “Smiling, no sunglasses, no hat, looking at the camera will score a swipe to the right 100 times more than any group shot, selfie in the bathroom or squatting shot in the gym,” he advises. -she.

Dineen agrees on: smiling, and suggests that your first photo be a “clear photo”. The following photos should include a full body photo and a social or activity photo.

Hoffman recommends keeping four to five of your best photos in total: quality over quantity. “Remember, this is your dating profile, not your Instagram,” she says.

Takeaway meals

  • Choose photos where you smile and look at the camera.
  • Edit up to four to five photos.
  • Avoid group photos.
  • Include a clear photo of your face, a full body photo, and a photo of yourself doing a hobby.

Consider upgrading to Premium Dating App features

According to Golden, upgrading to premium features on apps worth the investment because it “saves you time and gives you a better user experience”. Upgrades typically cost around $ 20 on average; Golden recommends paying for three to four months to get the most bang for your buck. After that, take a break if you need to; but at least you’ll know you did your best.

Each app offers different benefits for its subscription levels. For example, Tinder Plus lets you ‘rewind’ if you’ve accidentally swiped left on a profile of interest, use the ‘passport’ feature to swipe anyone in the world, and it gives you swipes unlimited. Hinge Premium also allows unlimited likes, additional filters for users, and the ability to see everyone who liked you at the same time in a grid view. Bumble’s “rematch” feature allows you to extend the message period by 24 hours. So if you miss a chance to start a conversation with a match, you get another shot.

Takeaway meals

  • Opt for the premium to save time.
  • Commit to using the features for three to four months.

Game Dating App Algorithm

Like any other social network, dating apps use an algorithm that influences who and who sees you. If you want to be successful in apps, you have to play with the algorithm, or at least understand how it works.

Hoffman recommends updating your profile frequently (every six to 12 weeks) to boost yourself in the feed. “Even if someone has seen your profile before, a different main photo may catch their attention. [this time around],” she says.

Another great idea: If you’ve been inactive on apps for a while, consider deleting your profile and starting over with better photos and content, Golden recommends. That way you give the people who swiped you to the left another chance to see you again (in a new and improved light).

Dineen suggests being active on apps daily, if possible, both because the algorithm will favor you if you swipe and send messages frequently, and because it’s easier to connect with matches if you reply. quickly. “If you take a week to respond, users won’t match you,” she says. “Take breaks when you need to, but when using apps, be full. “

Takeaway meals

  • Update your profile every six to twelve weeks.
  • If you’ve been inactive for a while, delete and start over.
  • Be active every day.
  • Respond to messages quickly.

Know the best times to swipe and send a message

When it comes to messaging and swiping, each app has different “tip” windows when users are most active, but typically it’s in the evening, after dinner. Hoffman says for OKCupid it’s 7-10 p.m. She recommends broadening your match criteria (increasing the location range, increasing the age limit, etc.) “because not only will you see more options, but you will be shown to more people. The more your profile is appreciated, the more the algorithm will favor you.

Likewise, Golden agrees to be more liberal with your balayage; she tells her clients to “swipe right on profile B or better” because more often than not a client will report that game B “was much more appealing on video chat or in person.”

When you send a message, Hoffman has a go-to formula: a comment plus a question. “Comment something in their profile, then ask a related question that starts the conversation,” she says. Then keep it short and sweet. “You should move on to the next phase (a phone call, video date, or IRL meeting) within a week of logging in to maintain the momentum and avoid falling in love with a fantasy and suffering from disappointment when you you actually meet, ”she said. .

Takeaway meals

  • Increase location and age limits.
  • Message between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Swipe right on a profile B or better.
  • Message with a comment and a question.
  • Go on a call or date in the week.

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