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How to Get Started With Dating Apps: 7 Beginner-Friendly Tips

By on September 23, 2022 0


The dating world is daunting enough before you throw in the idea of ​​finding love through a mobile phone app.

Whether you’ve struggled with using dating apps in the past or you’re new to the concept of finding a new partner online, we’ve got you covered. These tips cover the main things you need to know about dating apps and how to navigate the modern dating scene without tearing your hair out.

Find the right app for you

The first hurdle is the number of different dating apps. From services that require a subscription fee to free alternatives anyone can use, apps that target a specific demographic to platforms with no specific restrictions, it’s easy to get lost.

As a starting point, it makes sense to sign up for dating apps free and safe to use. This way, you won’t be putting money on the line while you test the waters and see if online dating matches your sensibilities, and you’ll also avoid potentially dodgy services that aren’t designed for security or privacy. users. .

Be transparent about what you are looking for

Unless you are upfront and honest about how you use the app, it can lead to a lot of wasted time and emotional conflict.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a life partner or just want a casual encounter; unless you are clear about what you want to get out of the experience, misunderstandings will arise.

Give as much detail as possible

The first step in setting up your online dating app is to enter your personal information into a profile that will be used to help connect you with the right people.

Although you may not need to fill out every part of your profile, it is best to give detailed answers. This way, your matches will be stronger and, again, you won’t waste time talking to people who just don’t match your personality and long-term goals.

Consider video calls before an in-person meeting

Sure, you can go from instant message chat in a dating app straight to meeting your real-life partner, but that can lead to all sorts of awkwardness that’s easily avoided with a preliminary video call.

Video calls are of course no match for an in-person date, but it does mean you can see and talk to the person who caught your eye in a format that allows you to establish your compatibility to a greater degree than messaging.

Choose a meeting place carefully

Obviously, going on a date has always been about choosing a great place to visit, but when using an app to find potential partners in the first place, there’s a new layer to consider.

Basically, you don’t want to worry about your own safety when meeting what is essentially a stranger for the first time. Picking a place that you know well and that is a busy public place is a good idea for this reason.

Likewise, having an escape plan in place if you realize you need to cancel the date before it reaches its natural conclusion is also helpful. Ask a friend to call you at a pre-determined time and take the opportunity to say that an emergency has occurred and that you need to leave early. If everything goes well, let your friend know and stick with it.

Don’t get addicted to dating apps

For some people, using dating apps is appealing to addictionas some are designed to hook you into the process of making matches and choosing between other users.

It’s good to have limits in place for this reason and to actively choose to use the apps you sign up for for a short time each day, rather than opening them every five minutes to check your messages and matches.

get used to rejection

The other side of the dating app craze is that it means you’re bound to experience a fair amount of rejection, or at least what feels like rejection.

The reality is that not matching with other people doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you as a person. The same goes for getting a match, only to find that the other person isn’t as interested in you as you hoped.

There are all sorts of dilemmas like this that you have to get used to when engaging in app-based dating. But the upside is that millions of people have formed strong, long-lasting, happy relationships because of it, so any inconvenience can be justified.

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