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Matt Amodio became something of a celebrity during his record-breaking stint on Danger!. While viewers still note the void left after the end of “Amodio Rodeo”, the Ph.D. The student attracted his fans during his 38-game winning streak. Amodio recently revealed that the show has given him a lot of attention as a potential suitor.

‘Danger!’ champion Matt Amodio | Paula Lobo / ABC via Getty Images

Matt Amodio is in demand “a lot” after becoming a “Jeopardy!” Star

In addition to being recognized as a quiz ace, Amodio has acquired a reputation for class and good sport. He gained his own fan base as he Danger! which continues even though it is no longer on the trivia board.

“It was also very strange to have fans of all kinds, and quite large fans at the end of the day!” he wrote in an Oct. 14 article for Newsweek. “When I left the series for the first time after 18 games last season, I wondered if I would be remembered. Or, if I was doing fine, then not as good as the best and entering the Forgotten Realm.

Some viewers see the Danger! champion as excellent relationship material, where he receives many invitations alluding to romance. For now though, the Yale student is focused on getting back to a routine without Danger!

“I have had romantic proposals since I was on Danger!he admits. “I got a lot of messages asking me to go out.… I don’t know exactly how to interact with these. I am single at the moment and I hope I may have been on. Danger! will make my dating life a little easier! But I also decompress a little of my Danger! experience and therefore dating will be a post-Danger! business.”

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‘Danger!’ champion increased his number of Twitter followers

It’s easy to see why Amodio has become such a popular competitor. He exudes humility and continues to encourage Danger! fans to continue to watch the show.

“I don’t really know how to deal with seeing these people who really care about me,” Amodio explained. “It’s a good feeling, but I don’t feel like I deserve it. And, for the people who say they have a hard time watching Danger! now that I’ve lost they should definitely still be watching Danger! This is the best show.

Amodio has made a habit of interacting with people who have commented on his Twitter account, which has resulted in huge success.

“I started out with having so few followers on Twitter that every time I got a notification I could respond and stuck with that strategy,” he explained. “Then my number of followers kept increasing. At one point, I just didn’t think I could answer every mention. So I try to find people I’ve never heard of and say hello to them, to see if I can make their day a little brighter.

Matt Amodio encourages others to surpass themselves

The Ohio native is flattered that his Danger! voyage has resonated with people and hopes to be an example of reaching for the stars.

“I’m happy to be a role model as a regular guy who just happens to be smart,” Amodio wrote. “To imagine that young children want to be like me is music to my ears. It makes me feel so good. I try to break down that barrier between what people think they are capable of and what they think others are capable of.

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Amodio has opened up about his own struggles with self-doubt and encourages others to take risks even if they feel ill-equipped.

“I experienced a lot of insecurity; thinking I’m good at something or smart, but other people were projecting so much more confidence in me, ”Amodio noted. “I confused the confidence they were projecting with having certain skills that I thought I was missing. Hope to show that you don’t have to assume that other people are capable of things that you are not. My message to others would be: give it a try. “

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