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Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar thinks she was too hard on herself in her 20s and admits she has a different perspective on dating and finding love in her 30s.

“Your concept of love changes as you do as a person. But knowing yourself better is the first step. I guess when I was in my twenties I was still trying to figure out who I was and accept certain things. Perhaps, Pilgaonkar says, “I was very, very hard on myself in my twenties.

As the 33-year-old continues, “But in my late twenties and shortly before I turned 30, I felt this incredible sense of acceptance and self-love, similar to that self-love, all my imperfections and everything, and I think that really made me stronger.

The actor, who was most recently seen on an episode of web series Dating These Nights, said: “I feel like every person has their journey with, you know, when they’re going to find love. , and social media and pop culture give us that, sold this notion of how love should be, and you know it often isn’t, there’s no age to fall in love .

The Gone Game actress says in this passage that she draws her strength from “actors like Neena Gupta who come out and publicly tell their story of finding love at a particular age.”

So even though I haven’t used a dating app and don’t go out often, I have friends who have and have many funny stories to tell. They are receptive to a wide range of experiences. Plus, I find it incredibly fascinating,” she adds.

She may not be a big fan of dating, but she wants to keep her personal life away from prying eyes.

To be completely honest, I haven’t dated much, and I don’t want to discuss my current situation or anything like that… I find real pleasure in seemingly insignificant things; therefore, sharing a meal with someone is an important event for me. It is not necessary to do anything monumental. According to the actor, who has starred in The Broken News, Guilty Minds, Haathi Mere Saathi and Crackdown, “I know I love someone when I want to share those ordinary everyday moments with that person.”

Society’s pressures and expectations increase with age, says Pilgaonkar.

“It’s not always essential to dissolve marriage because love can mean different things to different people. And if someone doesn’t even want to get married, that’s their choice. I think society exerts a strong pressure on people to make these decisions quickly, especially women. And that’s one thing that I think is the stereotype or that’s a notion that we kind of have to get away from, you know, where we have to let people make decisions and not pressure them, you know, what I often think the story outside the world makes you feel like you’re getting married or you’re single,” adds- she.

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