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Joey Lawrence becomes engaged after appearing in “The Celebrity Dating Game”

By on August 17, 2021 0

Actor Joey Lawrence is engaged after appearing in The Celebrity Dating Game but it seems that the two events are not related.

Lawrence appeared on the Monday Night ABC show after recently separating from his 15-year-old wife, while blackish Star Marcus Scribner also tried his luck in the episode.

Once again, Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton were on hand as hosts, helping celebrities toast all three contestants as Bolton’s musical operation gave contestants clues as to who the celebrity was.

After a full season of match-making, Monday night marked the season finale of The Celebrity Dating Game on ABC.

Who did Joey Lawrence choose on The Celebrity Dating Game?

At the time of filming the show, Lawrence appeared to be single after filing for divorce in July 2020. He married Chandie Yawn-Nelson, his second wife in July 2005. He married his first wife Michelle Vela in 2002 before divorcing. three years later.

Seemingly unlucky in love, Lawrence was given a choice of three mysterious women on Monday’s show. His picks were financial consultant Ashley Nichols, director of software company Alisha Wanninger, and CFO Joti Puri.

Number one contestant Nichols quickly guessed the celebrity’s identity correctly by saying he was “Joey from the TV show. Flower. “Puri amused Lawrence with her stardom response, saying she would choose Jack Black because he could make her laugh.

Joey Lawrence chooses between Ashley Nichols, Alisha Wanninger and Joti Puri on “The Celebrity Dating Game” on ABC.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Lawrence ultimately chose financial consultant Nichols. He seemed impressed with her choice of vacation – a ski trip, and he said he liked the fact that she didn’t get angry.

Despite the choice of a partner on The Celebrity Dating Game, Lawrence recently revealed that he was engaged to actress Samantha Cope, whom he met on the set of the Lifetime movie. A deadly act.

In an interview with Sixth page, Lawrence casually called Cope a fiancée, confirming that he put a ring on it. He said, “I just met the most amazing person ever. Like your best friend and that person you share pretty much everything in common with.”

On whom did Marcus Scribner choose The Celebrity Dating Game?

Scribner, 21, also had a choice of three beautiful women The Celebrity Dating Game but their identities were hidden from him behind a screen.

Scribner had the choice between Kiana Clemente, Aspen Brito and Alexis Armstrong.

Bolton serenaded the contestants during this series, altering the lyrics of famous songs to give them clues as to the true identity of the famous singleton. On Monday, Bolton sang one of his own songs “Time, Love and Tenderness”, but instead sang “Nothing Heals a Broken Heart Like This Actor From blackish. “

After interviewing the women, Scribner ultimately chose the third bachelorette Armstrong, a model who loves video games and cartoons. He seemed impressed that she would kiss (kiss) on the first date, and if he was an iceberg, she would melt him looking him in the eye.

Episode 8 marks the end of this season of The Celebrity Dating Game. There is currently no confirmation as to whether there will be a second season.

Marcus Scribner on Celebrity Dating Game
“Black-ish” star Marcus Scribner has scored a date on “The Celebrity Dating Game”.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

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