Match thinks he can stop ghosting on dating apps

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Ghosting is a centuries-old online dating tradition that is an integral part of the dating app experience, like swiping, fish pics, and tired bios on “speaking sarcasm fluently”. On the off chance that there is still someone on the internet who is unfamiliar with the term, “ghost” refers to the abrupt breaking off of contact with a romantic or potential partner, rather than actually breaking up. Of course, we didn’t need ghost dating apps – back then you just stopped answering someone’s calls or faxes or the way people communicated before the internet. But the advent of dating apps has made ghosting much easier and more ubiquitous, as you can even ghost people you’ve never met in real life by simply failing to keep a conversation going. dating app.

Depending on who you ask – me for example – peeling over a dating app conversation shouldn’t even really count as a “ghost,” which is widely vilified and generally viewed as a pretty egregious dating foul. In my opinion, only ghost images even begin enter morally reprehensible territory after meeting someone in real life, and even then only if you have been on at least two or more dates. Regardless, in-app ghosting remains a common complaint among dating app users who remain disappointed with seemingly promising matches that suddenly disappear from conversations. Luckily for online daters afraid of ghosts, Match thinks they have the answer.

The online dating platform (and the eponymous product of Match Group, which has several other top dating apps including Tinder, Hinge, and Plenty of Fish) recently announced two new features designed to alleviate common frustrations in online dating topic, including one that hopes to “end ghosting.” once and for all, ”according to Dushyant Saraph, Match Product Manager. The dating app’s new “Ghost Goodbye” feature will hit suspected ghost users with a boost if they’ve left a chat dormant for a while, prompting them to continue the conversation or not to match. user at the end. Selecting the ‘unmatch’ option will send a polite ‘leave ok’ message.[ting] they know if you are no longer interested, ”according to a press release.

Personally, I have always believed that getting unduly angry with ghost images that occur on a dating app is a waste of time and energy. I also don’t feel entitled to have an official notice that a person I’ve never met in real life and with whom I’ve just exchanged a few words on a dating app is no longer interested in talking to me, and I don’t find this particularly necessary. A good way to tell if someone wants to keep talking to you is whether or not they keep talking to you. If they stop responding to you, that tells you everything you need to know. Also, do you really want a written notice, however polite, that someone you don’t even know is not interested in you? I’d much rather assume that this internet stranger got busy or passed away than take the unnecessary blow to self-esteem of being personally rejected by someone I don’t even know.

I understand what Match is trying to do here, and in some cases it may even work, improving the online dating experience for dating app users who feel their platforms of choice are haunted by online dating. ghosts of unfinished conversations. Either way, ghost images are just human nature. In general, we want to avoid conflict, uncomfortable conversations, and hurt people’s feelings. Should you ghost over your wife and children? Probably not. But letting a conversation with a stranger on the internet die off isn’t the same as brutally blocking your girlfriend’s phone number and never speaking to her again. For better or worse, dating apps have changed the way we engage with potential romantic partners, and whether we take the time to formally “break up” with every match that we strike up a conversation with on a dating app. meetings, we would never have time to meet people we are interested in talking. We are all adults here, no one owes us anything, let alone strangers on the Internet. Live and leave a ghost.

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