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Nazi Richard Spencer claims to be ‘moderate’ on dating apps

By on June 15, 2022 0

Richard Spencer, the Nazi/white supremacist leader who led a 2017 flash mob (full of brandished tiki torches and all) in Charlottesville, North Carolina, wants everyone to believe he’s turned over a new leaf. He is apparently motivated by the desire to find love again after the dissolution of his marriage. amid domestic violence allegations in his name. Never mind that his far-right fanbase turned against him, and he was greeted by rowdy audiences on a college tour. He’s also acknowledged to be broke and had his gym membership revoked due to his confrontational nature, but The Spence won’t let that stop him.

a brave Jezebel writer (Laura Bassett) went into investigation mode after receiving a tip that Spencer was on a cruise with Bumble in the Dallas, Texas area. She collected screenshots of a man who looked remarkably like Richard Spencer and claimed to be 6’1″ and a Taurus who was looking for a relationship (not a hookup!). He also, oddly enough, referred to himself as ” moderate” and “vaccinated”.

You might also frown at these last two statements. Bassett took the plunge and reached out to Spencer after wondering if someone was using her photos as catfish. And that’s a fair question, given that Spencer’s photos project a man looking like a “Christmas tree photo” (really, you must see these pictures), but Spencer (contacted via his phone number) confirmed that, yes, it’s his Bumble profile, and he “would appreciate your respecting my privacy.” He texted: “Obviously not newsworthy. I’m just living my life.

Spencer went on to respond to Bassett stating (in a series of texts): “I am no longer a white supremacist leader. The whole right generally hates me. The feeling of [sic] mutual / On basic issues, I am rather liberal: gun control, abortion, etc. / I do not lie or deceive anyone. He neglects to mention his love of Confederate statues, but what are you going to do? Man, online dating is full of people pretending not to be themselves, but it seems like that would make for a terribly awkward first date.

Ladies, imagine you arrive and meet the man that the Southern Poverty Law Center described as “a suit and tie version of the old white supremacists, a kind of professional racist in khakis.” He’s also the guy, as SPLC notes, who coined the term “alt-right” to downplay white supremacist beliefs and make them a little friendlier. Yeah, that’s a hard swipe left!

(Going through Jezebel)

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