Need to spice up your love life? Check out these ideas

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So your love life is starting to get boring. Join the club. You go to the same damn bars and clubs, see the same people, and, even if your date is someone new, the location, the weather, and what’s going on there, that’s just it. the same old thing. It’s time to change things up and make your love life more memorable and exciting. How do you do that? Read on for some tips you’ll want to think about.

Surely you have interests other than restaurants, bars and clubs

These are the most common dating destinations, and they’re pretty thin – it’s no surprise. What else do you do when you’re not working? Or what would you like to do? Take a look at things you might want to do with someone else that will be both memorable and maybe exciting.

Here’s a long list for you to think about – at least several of them should pique your interest and end up giving your date an amazing experience (and certainly increasing your attractiveness in the eyes of that date). So take a look at all the possibilities.

Consider Day Dates Rather Than Always Night

There are so many options for dating in the light of day, especially at the start of a romantic relationship. The goal is to find dating experiences that both of you will enjoy. To do this, you obviously need to have a prior discussion. Together, you can choose the experiences you want to have. Here are some options:

  • Take a segway ride. You don’t know what a segway is? These are those small motorized vehicles that you can rent in medium to large cities. And there are actually tours that will take you to all the sights, stopping along the way to explore and eat.
  • Go to a street festival, carnival or amusement park. Ride the rides and test your skills on the pits
  • Go to a flea market or auction if you are both looking for “treasures”
  • For culture vultures, visit little-known museums, even if you have to take a road trip to do so. You will have plenty of time to get to know each other during the trip.
  • If you’re near the water, rent a boat, go fishing, or take a day cruise. Again, plenty of time to talk and get to know each other
  • If you both love wine, visit a vineyard/cellar and do a wine tour and tasting
  • If there’s a zoo not too far away, go there. It can be a one day experience and end with an early dinner in a cozy restaurant with low noise level – more time for conversation
  • Try online dating apps. It’s a way for many people to get to know each other before setting up a real date. This can be especially good for lesbians, gays or bisexual dating, to ensure that there are real compatibilities. While these apps aren’t always an entirely ideal option for early “dating”, they can provide a good way to “filter” mutual interests. Do a little research and find out how to have a better online dating experience by choosing the right one for you.
  • Do you both have a “cause” that you support? Great. Set a date to volunteer for that cause – an animal shelter, tutoring the kids, working at a soup kitchen or food pantry, etc.

Date nights that provide more fun and excitement

Bars and clubs are noisy and less intimate environments. If you really want to know your date, consider some of these other options:

  • Go to one paint and sip event. You’ll get a canvas, paint, and your choice of liquor. Under the tutelage of an expert artist, you will create your own “masterpiece”.
  • Live an escape experience. You each invite another couple, and all six of you book an escape room. You can choose the scenario and work together to strategize your “escape”. It will give you the chance to know not only your date in a unique environment, but also who their friends are – good information for you.
  • Attend a mystery dinner show. These can be ashore or part of an overnight cruise. While the food and drink will be flowing, problem-solving skills will help you get to know each other better.
  • Take a haunted house tour. It may require a road trip, but so what? If you both love certain holidays, this would be a great Halloween activity. As for Christmas, decorate fir trees in each of your houses. Add great snacks and your favorite drinks and you’ll have an amazing evening.
  • Go to a comedy club or karaoke night. It may be closer to the bar scene than you’d like, but at least there’s a purpose to the loud and fun night other than just drinking and trying to talk above the noise.

Are you in?

It’s time to stand out in the dating scene. Anyone can go to a loud bar, club, or even a restaurant for a date. It’s the creative person who takes a look at other more unique options and becomes the date that offers the most fun.

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