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Dear Miss LONELYHEARTS: Now that I’m double-vaxxed and back in circulation to some extent, I have met two women whom I like and casually walked out. I’ve been honest with the two about each other, and there hasn’t been any sex with either of them, so I think that’s fair.

Now one of them told me that she would stop dating someone else if I want to be her exclusive lover. I’m fine with sex, but it’s too early to let go of the other woman and commit to this woman. I said I would need a little time to think about it, and his chin lifted. She left the restaurant as soon as the bill arrived. Where did I go wrong? For the life of me, I can’t figure it out.

?? Confused Guy, Saint-Boniface

Dear confused 😕 One at a time ? is still the safest dating course, and you were juggling two, openly. When one of them started to feel emotions and desire, you told them to wait until you decided if you wanted her ?? or the other lady. No wonder she lost her taste for you; feelings were only germinating on his side.

Emotional relationships are not about being reasonable and accepting competition. Being honest and telling this woman that there was someone else in the race didn’t work until the beginning ?? when she didn’t care.

Once she cared about it and confessed it, she was hurt by your composure. No one whose emotions and sexual desire explode wants to be told that they are still in competition with another woman. She certainly doesn’t want to be asked to calm her emotions down until the King makes a choice.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: With Christmas fast approaching, an elderly person ?? Cookie exchange group invited me again to join it. The goal was to bake 10 dozen cookies and bring them to a small party.

For every dozen you contribute, you get a dozen. This is a great way to prepare your Christmas baking ?? and socialize. To be honest I don’t bake, so I bought cookies from a home baker ?? straight out of his kitchen. Fabulous cookies! Cookies must be packaged by dozens, and signed with your name.

For some reason when we got together for the exchange the other day I quietly mentioned to a lady that I had used a fabulous home baker. I saw her go from one lady to another telling them. They all looked at me like I had done something illegal. I felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed that I left and cried in the car.

The organizer called me later to tell me she wanted ?? deposit my purchased cookies. ?? I haven’t done anything wrong, have I? And what’s the big deal anyway?

?? So Hurt, North Kildonan

Dear Hurt: These ladies see the annual exchange as some kind of gift exchange that you cheated on. The signature on the cookies was a declaration of the baker’s identity. You signed up, but they weren’t really your creation.

The reason you confessed to the woman next to you was probably because you didn’t feel guilty and wanted her to say everything was fine. Unfortunately for you, she put you to shame as a bogus baker.

It’s understandable that you want to be part of a fun social group, especially at Christmas. This is just not the right group for a non-baker. Check out the Manitoba Association of Senior Centers for a location near you at Each center offers many activities. Get involved in a few that really match your personality, interests, and skills, and you’ll have fun and make new friends.

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