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As students take advantage of their summer vacation to relax, work, learn or travel, it can become difficult to keep in touch with others. Students can experience loneliness during the long break and struggle to feel connected to those around them. However, with the help of technology, students can form new relationships faster than ever.

With the technology available today, online dating has become the most common way for individuals to meet their partners. The Covid-19 pandemic caused an increase in the number of people participating in online dating, and users are still using the apps. In April 2021, almost 70% of people said they continued to use dating apps after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost 30% of adults in the United States claimed to have used a dating app or website, while 48% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 said they had tried online dating.

Despite the convenience of online dating, dating apps have a negative impact on the ability to form meaningful relationships which, in turn, can harm their mental health. Additionally, users of these dating apps risk being put in dangerous situations with those they meet on the app.

The fast-paced environment created in dating apps can be extremely harmful to those looking to form meaningful relationships. With the added pressure to find a mate, Online dating profiles are subject to intense scrutiny. Rather than getting to know an individual face-to-face, users create profiles to showcase their interests and display their physical appearance.

Apps are designed to narrow their selection from a large group of people to those that interest them, which can lead users to look for negative attributes it would cause them to lose interest rather than focus on positive qualities.

Dating apps focus heavily on physical appearances approaching a potential connection. Rather than starting a conversation with each other, users are first presented with a dating profile consisting of pre-selected images and a brief description of their interests. With the rapid speed at which profiles are typically reviewed, individuals might overlook compatible matches based solely on their physical appearance. These applications help create a negative state of mind approaching a possible match.

This online dating app design can harm the mental health of the user. With the overwhelming number of profiles accessible through dating apps, this could lead to frequent rejections. With dating apps allowing users to constantly consult profiles, the border separating individuals and the limit of rejection has disappeared. These apps can lower self esteem and threaten his perception of self-esteem. Dating apps can trigger those with or without existing mental illnesses into causing emotional and psychological distress.

Online dating can be dangerous for college students who may not understand the risks of dating apps, like catfishing. cat fishing is the term used to describe the act of a person creating a false virtual identity and targeting a victim for personal gain. Risk for users of dating apps cat fishing due to the high number of fake accounts across all platforms.

The Better Business Bureau reported that one in seven online dating profiles may be a fake account. Additionally, scammers often use dating apps to “connect” with individuals and manipulate them for financial gain. More 23,000 people claimed to have been victims of catfishing in 2020, and it was reported that the scammers had received over $600 million. With the significant financial responsibilities that come with going to college, the possibility of scam artists taking advantage of students is highly problematic.

Connecting with a stranger on the internet can be extremely risky and lead to dangerous scenarios. A survey by Pew Research revealed that 60% of women on dating apps were contacted even after saying they weren’t interested in the other party. Additionally, 57% of women said they had received a “sexually explicit message” and 19% of young women said they had been threatened with physical assault while using a dating app. As students frequently use dating apps, students should exercise caution and ensure that they are safe while using dating apps.

Although there are many disadvantages associated with using dating apps, the advantages of online dating are also present. These applications make it relatively easy to meet several people in a short time. Dating apps let you connect with other people virtually, which can be helpful for shy people and those with social anxiety. The ability to create a personalized profile based on your beliefs and interests can help you develop new relationships and meet other like-minded people.

However, apps should be used with caution and students should understand the negative aspects of online dating.

– Kadence Cobb is a freshman journalism student

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