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Rachel Boston plays ‘Dating’ game on Hallmark Channel | TV

By on August 20, 2022 0

Rachel Boston has done a lot of TV work, but her latest project was big on her: it was her first time on set as a mom.

The ‘SEAL Team’, ‘American Dreams’ and multiple cable movie alum welcomed daughter Grace earlier this year (dad is chef Tolya Ashe) and brought her to work while she did ‘Dating the Delaneys” from Hallmark Channel, premiering today. She plays a divorced baker who reenters the dating game with the coaching of her son’s friend’s father (Paul Campbell). His mother and daughter (Karen Kruper, Zoe Christie) also find new love interests.

“It’s such a sweet movie,” says the typically sunny Boston, “and teaming up with Paul Campbell again was a treat. We did a movie together three years ago (“The Last Bridesmaid”) , and now we’re both real-life parents playing parents.Neither (character) have dated for so long, they’re not sure they have the skills , so they start hanging out. And it leads to so much more.

Boston also appreciates the multi-generational aspect of the story: “It’s different chapters in the lives of these women. My daughter (of the character) is starting to date for the first time, and I think it really stirs something in me, realizing that I haven’t even been open to the idea (of dating) in so long. And then my mother falls in love, and it’s really beautiful to see these three women find their way. Love can happen at any time in life.

According to Boston, “Dating the Delaneys” is “the perfect movie to come back to as a new mom. I was so lucky to have Paul as my teammate, because he’s an amazing dad. I knew he would understand the things that could happen….my mom was there too, so that was amazing.

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