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Sexy Beasts Season 2 Pictures Introduce More Creatures To The Dating Game

By on September 22, 2021 0

Sexy Panda from Season 1 we will always remember you.

Image via Netflix

by netflix Sexy Beasts generated a lot of buzz when it premiered earlier this year and it’s about to go wild again if the recently released footage for season two is any indication. In Sexy Beasts, its participants have blind dates dressed in elaborate animal or supernatural prostheses that conceal their true characteristics. Each episode sees someone dating three potential suitors. At the end of the date, the lead candidate must choose who they liked the most based on their personality, conversation, and chemistry, moving past creepy or disturbing prosthetics. Then and only then do they remove their prostheses and reveal their true identity.

Sexy Beasts is originally a British reality TV show of the same name in 2014, before Netflix adapted it for American audiences. The series is narrated by Rob Delaney which adds hilarious comments as the dates go on.


Image via Netflix

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Ahead of the Season 2 premiere on October 7, Netflix released a series of photos revealing a handful of contestants. A buckskin-toothed feline creature, a terrifying snow-white rabbit, a squared-off feline, a tiger taking selfies with a goblin in Trafalgar Square, a Frankenstein-ish monster with an exposed pink brain clinking glasses with a furry creature wild boar type. In the midst of these nightmarish appearances, a fairytale romance could take flight.

If the first season was any indicator of how things turned out for the contestants, it’s unlikely either of these couples will actually end up together. But their hilarious and awkward dates make some very fun reality tv frenzy. Season two of Sexy Beasts arrives on Netflix on October 7. Take a look at the new competitors below.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix

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