“Straight” men use dating apps to meet other men

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The other day I was at dinner with my favorite gay husband aka “gusband” and we were halfway through a bottle of red, so of course the conversation quickly turned to my favorite topic: our sex lives.

Since I’m basically a nun right now *sigh*, my friend’s update was much more interesting. He revealed that he is currently sleeping with a straight guy.

Um… excuse me what? Yeah, turns out they met on a gay dating app called Scruff and the guy is in a direct relationship, but likes to venture further afield once in a while.

Now, as someone who subscribes to the belief that there is no such thing as gay or straight, rather that sexuality is on a spectrum and is far more complex than a simple black and white answer, I am always a bit shocked when I hear of people who are brave enough to explore your sexuality.

A close friend of Jana Hocking told her he was sleeping with a “straight” man.
Instagram/Jana Hocking

I mean, sure, it’s not great that the dude cheats a bit, but other than that, I think it’s okay to try out new hats to see what they like when it comes to sex. (Obviously within healthy limits).

When I asked if there was a lot of hetero‘ men on Scruff, he said “Oh yeah, heaps!” I ventured further and asked how many “straight” guys he had slept with and after a bit of thinking he said, “Oh, about ten”.


He went further and said most of them had wives or girlfriends, but they were just super nosy, and that was pretty common for him and his friends. go out with guys who said they were straight.

A photo of a gay couple sitting in a cafe.
According to Hocking’s friend, men have met on a gay dating app called Scruff, and quite often there are straight men dating on the app.
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I decided to dig deeper and asked more gay friends if this was a common practice and it was 100% YES!

A gay friend even revealed that he loves the chase when it comes to dating a straight guy. Almost like it was a fun game to play. Eh!

It reminded me of a message I received in my DM when I hosted a “Tell Me A Sassy Secret” party on my Instagram.

One guy wrote: “i watch gay porn and i changed my tinder to match guys so i can send dk pics cause it turns me on. But I’ve never been with a guy before.

A photo of a smiling man reading messages on his phone.

A friend revealed he loves the hunt when it comes to dating a straight guy.

A photo of a seated man looking at his phone.

Another said most men had wives or girlfriends, but they were just super curious to be with another man.

It makes me wonder if we will ever reach a point where people are no longer judged for their sexuality. Just when you think we’ve come this far, you hear again about someone being pushed further back into the closet.

So, is there really still a need for labels? Do they confine and restrict us?

I remember one time, in my early twenties, do the unspeakable – yes, I went through my ex-boyfriend’s phone… I know tsk tsk – but he revealed some very flirty messages with another guy.

I decided to face it gently on this subject. It hurt to know that he was half-cheating on me, but what hurt me the most was the thought that he might be gay and too scared to come out.

So I took him to a bar, ordered two shots of tequila and said, “Drink this, and then I’ll ask you a question.”

A photo of Jana Hocking.
Jana Hocking thinks it’s okay to try on new hats to see what guys like when it comes to sex.
Instagram/Jana Hocking

He did as I was told, and with a bit of tequila bravado, I simply asked him directly, “So…do you think you might be gay?”

I quickly added, “Honestly, I don’t mind if you are, I just want you to be happy and know that I will never judge you.”

First, he looked shocked, then broke down in tears and revealed that yes, he thinks he could be. It was a cathartic beautiful moment, and something, years and years later, that we now laugh about.

So I think the lesson here is that if you can leave the judgment at the door, a robust and curious sex/love life can be a glorious thing. If only we gave people the respect and the space to explore.

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