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The Drew Barrymore Dating Game: Hollywood star searches for love on The Stern Show

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On Monday morning, four lucky singles tried their luck with one of Hollywood’s biggest, brightest and most beloved stars, joining the Stern Show to take part in the Drew Barrymore dating game. Hand-picked by Howard, his wife Beth and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, the quartet of suitors included a successful singer-songwriter, Broadway actor, martial arts teacher and comedian, and Jonathan Blitt , a member of the Stern Show staff.

“We think Drew is a trap, so we’re setting the bar high,” Howard said of the four singles.

Pre-game presentations

Contestants Josh Radin, Clarke Thorell, Diego Diego Lopez and Jon Blitt

The rules of the game were simple: Drew couldn’t see the men, but she could ask them questions to find a match. Before bringing the famous 47-year-old actress and talk show host on the show, however, Howard and Robin Quivers introduced the contestants to their listeners.

The No. 1 bachelor was 48-year-old singer, songwriter and animal lover Joshua Radin, who previously performed at the wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. “You have to meet someone and settle down, right?” Howard asked him.

“That would be nice,” Radin said. “I feel like I’ve always been ready, but I’ve never met the right person.”

Bachelor #1 was the first person Beth thought of when she found a match for Drew, but her connection to Bachelor #2 proved even deeper. “This is Clarke Thorell. He’s a very accomplished Broadway actor, singer, and musician. He’s done everything, including dating my wife,” Howard said with a laugh.

As Beth explained, she met Clarke while he was performing in “Tommy” on Broadway. A few years later, they went on a few dates. “We kissed a couple times,” Beth said with a chuckle.

“Why has a great guy like you never been married?” Howard asked.

“I’ve had some amazing, beautiful relationships, and I still have love in my heart for each one…but I saw parts of my mother in each one,” Clarke said. about the women he had dated.

“Bachelor #3 is no slouch either,” Howard continued, turning his attention to mixed martial arts fighter and stand-up comedian Diego Lopez.

“It’s an interesting combination,” Robin noted. “Usually comedians get funny because they don’t know how to fight.”

Diego assured Howard and Robin that he was ready for love: “In the long run it would be great, especially with someone like Drew.

When Howard introduced Bachelor #4, staffer Jonathan Blitt, it was with a little less fanfare. “I don’t see how you can beat these guys,” joked Howard.

“I don’t see it either,” Blitt laughed.

Let the game begins

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Drew Barrymore walked into the studio ready to look for a match, but the 47-year-old ’50 First Dates’ and ‘Never Been Kissed’ star first thanked Howard, Robin and Beth for working so hard to find him a match. “I’m so thankful at the core of what it is – Howard and Beth thinking someone, me, deserves to find someone,” Drew said. “Why don’t we all do this for each other? »

The entertainer didn’t want her suitors to focus on winning and losing, she just wanted them to be uninhibited and honest. “But if something clicks, we’ll know what to do,” Drew added.

After the four men said hello to each other, Drew was ready with her first question. “What was your process for deciding to do this?” she asked the men, adding, “I said yes because I thought it would be fun, and I shit in my pants.”

Bachelor No. 3 thought a reunion on a game show would make for a fun story with their eventual children while Bachelor No. 4 – Blitt – had just jumped at the chance to meet Drew.

Drew’s next questions were about kids (candidates don’t have any and they’re ok with keeping it that way) and what they were looking for in this experience. “I’m looking for something or someone that’s open to exploration and takes it very slowly,” Drew said. “I’m a slow burn.”

The No. 1 bachelor said he appreciates the trust and kindness of a partner…before moving on to his relationship with his therapist mother. Bachelor #2 wanted someone he could collaborate with. Bachelor #3 wanted someone genuine, sincere and kind. Bachelor #4 just wasn’t looking for drama.

It was Howard’s turn to ask a question, and he had a doozy: “You’re sitting down to dinner [with Drew and actress Cameron Diaz], and Cameron Diaz puts his hand in your lap. What are you doing?”

Bachelor #1 asked Drew if this was a test, Bachelor #2 shared an anecdote about his mother and started talking about threesomes, Bachelor #3 said he would push back Diaz’s arm, and bachelor #4 said he would yell at Diaz and leave the restaurant with Drew.

Drew wondered if the men were genuine. “I think you’d freak out and try to find a way to get us both to bed,” she laughed.

The musical round

Late night star Jimmy Fallon made an appearance, asking the contestants to perform an impromptu song about where they would take Barrymore on their first date. Bachelor #4, aka Blitt, picked up his guitar and sang on St. Barts.

“Wow, you really did make a song,” Drew raved.

“It’s so unfair… I don’t have an instrument. I don’t know where St. Barts is,” the Bachelor No. 3 laughed before singing along to the backing of a song about taking Drew out to dinner.

Bachelor #2 found a nearby ukulele for his song while Bachelor #1, the professional singer-songwriter, didn’t even try to top Blitt’s performance.

Next, Drew wanted to know what the suitors thought about “ghosting” or disappearing someone you date with little or no warning.

“I think if women become ghosts [they’re] probably better, and you should just walk away and forget about that person,” Bachelor No. 4 said.

The No. 1 bachelor admitted he had ghosted two people in the past… before feeling totally awful about it and sending them an explanatory message.

Speaking of religion, Bachelor #2 claimed to be deeply spiritual, and Bachelor #3 said he was an outright atheist. “I consider myself an optimistic nihilist. I believe the universe is indifferent and nothing happens for a reason, but that’s one more reason why we should be nicer to each other,” Bachelor #3 said, adding. “By all means, have fun as long as you’re not an asshole to others.”

lightning tower

The contestants then answered quick questions about Brad Pitt, colostomy bags, how far they would go to save their parents’ lives, how they would react if Chris Rock insulted Drew at the Oscars and the last thing they did to make a woman laugh. . For Bachelor #1, the answer to making a woman laugh was to dance without your pants on. For Bachelor #2, it was singing in a Donald Duck voice. For Blitt, it involved telling an Uber driver to drive an unsuspecting woman to Newark.

Drew praised the men for their responses, especially thanking Bachelor No. 2 as he promised to hold her hand and check in with her if she was ever insulted at the Oscars. “When he said, ‘I’ll take his hand’, I almost burst into tears. I’m not kidding. Do you know how long it’s been a while since someone took my hand? and that I didn’t feel safe with them?” Drew said. “That’s the metaphor for life… Thank you, Bachelor #2. May all women and men protect each other more.

Before selecting a winner, Drew asked the men a few more questions about relationship history, what they were looking for in a partner, and what they would do if she didn’t select them. A few contestants said they would contact her again via social media, but not Bachelor #3, who didn’t want to clutter up her DMs “I would just get on with my day. I have a Zoom commercial audition later today that I’m really excited not to have,” he joked.

Winner Winner No dinner guaranteed

Without further ado, it was time to pick a winner. “I firmly believe that you will fall in love and have one of the greatest experiences of your life,” Howard told Drew. “But now it’s up to you.”

Drew struggled to narrow it down, so Howard revealed more information about each contestant to help. Finally, she made a decision. “I’ll pick number two,” Drew said, casting Broadway actor Clarke Thorell.

Drew was soon to meet Clarke, but first it was time to hang out with Diego, Jonathan and Joshua – the three guys she hadn’t chosen. All three were good sportsmen and Joshua, who said he had never done anything like this before, suggested he would probably contact Drew again in the future.

“I’ve never done anything like that either,” Drew replied. “I invite you all to my next appointment with the gynecologist. I think I will feel less vulnerable.

After that, Drew was finally able to meet his match.

“Hi Clarke, how are you? I’m very, very happy to meet you,” she said before telling Howard that she thought he was the safest choice because he had managed to have chemistry with another woman. “We approach this with very open eyes,” she said, adding, “I trust honesty. I’ve been cheated on in my past and it’s not something I’m ready to go. revive.

Although she had made up her mind, Drew wanted the world to know that she planned to take things very slowly. “Any outlet that says, ‘Oh, she picked number two,’ you’re missing the whole point of this story,” she said, later telling Clarke, “You and I are going to get together. away, say hello and meet us. We’re not going out together.

Clarke could hardly believe her luck. “It’s very surreal,” he said. “I’m just honored that someone as beautiful inside and out as Beth and you, Howard, included me in this.”

“Honey, I could see why you fell in love with that guy,” laughed Howard.

Whether Clarke and Drew would fall in love remained to be seen, but either way, the actress and talk show host was grateful that Howard and Beth cared enough to set her up. “I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life,” Barrymore said. “No one has ever done anything like this for me. May this be the awakening moment for all of us that we should all do this for each other.

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