The new wave of dating apps with video functions

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It’s no surprise that the most basic dating services were the first to lose their audience. For example, those where you can only communicate by text chat. Granted, they weren’t very popular before, but very quickly the need for change intensified for the big players in the dating industry – Tinder, Badou and others.

This is due not only to the activity of their audience, who now could not meet and communicate offline as before, but also to the emergence of new dating services. Many of them turned out to be much more interesting than the old sites in some way and managed to attract a significant portion of the audience. For example, they made it possible to comfortably chat via webcam and use flexible settings to find interesting chat partners.

New sites with useful features for making friends

The Internet is changing very rapidly. Once popular platforms have become a thing of the past, new, more functional and original ones come to replace them. The pandemic has only accelerated this process and started to change the very format of online dating.

For example, in the wake of the popularity of the Clubhouse app, many sites have started to actively implement an audio chat feature with the same principle. There are even dating apps that are entirely based on voice communication. A great example is SwoonMe for iOS and Android. In the app, you can answer various questions by voice, record and send audio messages, and rate a person by voice and manner of speaking, not just their appearance.

Over the past year, there have been many unusual dating apps with unique features. And we want to list some of the more interesting new ones.

  • Snack – a new dating application based on video communication. The main idea of ​​Snack is to give each user the opportunity to show themselves: how they dress and communicate, what they think about the environment, hobbies, pets, etc. The app uses a unique algorithm which tries to select the most suitable match for you, based on your personal suitability. Snack is still in development, but it already looks very promising. At the moment, Snack only works on iOS.
  • Money – a kind of mix of a classic dating app, Instagram and TikTok. Here you can watch videos from other users and chat with those you are interested in. The app is convenient because you can easily find people with the same hobbies as yours. For example, a person plays a musical instrument and shows his talent, you like him and you can immediately get to know him. Unlike Instagram, the Lolly app is made for dating, and the audiences here are better at making contact.
  • Feels – an application that positions itself as a platform for creatives. There are many tools for creating brilliant and creative profiles, you can share your videos, watch short videos from other members, chat on a variety of topics, make friends with similar interests and even find a soul mate. . The primary audience for Feels is the younger Generation Z.
  • Uny – an application based on artificial intelligence, which analyzes your profile and your list of interests to find the perfect match on its own. You choose the category of interests, the interests themselves and complete the profile. After that, the AI ​​starts to analyze the received information and looks for a perfect match. And it does it pretty well.
  • Zoosk – a handy interactive app where you can find interesting people nearby and chat or make a video call. While the app is not new, developers have recently been actively engaged in modernizing it and improving interactivity.

It’s easy to see that more and more dating apps are focusing on interactivity – audio and video chats, online mini-games, and various interaction options. All this helps to diversify communication and make interactions more pleasant. But, of course, interactive communication existed long before these applications.

A few words about Omegle video chat and its alternatives

You’ve probably noticed that more and more dating sites and apps are relying on video chat lately. Tinder was one of the first to introduce this – here the ability to communicate with a chat partner via a video link has been available for some time. After Tinder, other popular dating sites – Badoo, Bumble, Azar and others – have also joined the trend.

Of course, the video chat feature is far from new. Omegle’s first anonymous video chat, Omegle has been running for over 12 years, since 2009. At the time of its launch, the Omegle site had no rival. Its first serious competitor was the Chatroulette web chat site, and then there were plenty of alternatives to Omegle.

The problem is, Omegle always had (and still has) pretty poor functionality. There are no gender or geographic filters. This complicates the search for a potential couple and forces Internet users to look for alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of them. Let’s look at two:

  1. Chataléatory – an anonymous video chat site with a rich feature set. There are gender and geographic filters, interest themed chat rooms, and a separate chat with girls, which is only available to premium account owners. Of the minuses – not quite the best moderation and an inconsistent genre filter, as the genre selection is in no way controlled. Men can hide behind women’s accounts, and vice versa.
  2. CooMeet – a unique anonymous web chat service and one of the best Omegle alternatives for men. Its main advantage is its unique gender filter. Girls, when registering on the site, must confirm their personal data. And connect men only with verified girls. There are no fakes and bots – moderation works at the highest level. In addition, CooMeet offers useful mobile applications and you can familiarize yourself with all the functions of the site for free thanks to the trial period.

Unlike Omegle, the Chatrandom and CooMeet video chat services are developing and expanding their functionality much more actively. For comparison, Omegle still does not have a mobile app, the site has a rather outdated design and is not always stable. Especially under active load with a large influx of users.

More user choice is better

This isn’t the first year that we’ve seen rapid change in the dating industry. Familiar sites and applications are modernized and new ones appear, more functional and more practical. In some ways they are better, in others they are worse.

We believe that the more choices a modern internet user has, the better. You definitely shouldn’t be limited to just one service, especially now that there are so many options and each service has its own audience. Try out different sites, find the best ones for you, and happily meet interesting people. Now it’s easier than ever!

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