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Tinder parent company expands background check to more dating apps

By on July 13, 2022 0

Tinder’s parent company has extended its background check feature to two more of its dating apps. Now the daters on Match Group’s homonymous app and Stircreated for single parents, can perform background checks on potential matches.

The feature rolled out to Tinder earlier this year, allowing users to filter dates through an integrated service. Checks are carried out by a non-profit platform garbowhich aims to prevent harm in the digital age by offering public information about someone’s violent or harmful behavior.

Garbo Research costs $2.50 with a $0.75 processing fee. Users who pay for the apps will receive four free searches through Garbo, while free users will receive two each.

Match and Stir will each offer a service prompt via the apps chat feature, linking with Garbo. You can also find the background check option through Match’s security center.


How to Run a Background Check on a Tinder Match

Match and Garbo background check feature will be made available to US-based users, and the company said further expansion of these services in the country is coming.

“We believe people have the right to access the public records of anyone they might want to meet, especially information that may impact security, Tracey Breeden, Head of Security and Defense social for Match Group, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

Garbo’s goal is to perform low-cost background checks, democratizing access to information without being intrusive. The details provided do not include personal information such as home address, which sets the service apart from other companies offering traditional screening.

The company is also mindful of bias within the criminal justice system, noting that communities of color are often judged and punished more harshly. Drug possession charges, homelessness and non-criminal traffic violations are some of the non-violent offenses that Garbo excludes from its controls.

“We also recognize that background checks aren’t perfect and are just a tool our users can use to decide if they want to meet someone off-app,” Breeden wrote. “To improve systems and make society safer, we all have a role to play. Our approach to security is multifaceted and centered on prevention, disruption and response to potential harm.”

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