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Triplets lift the veil on tough love life as men compare them and flirt with their sisters

By on September 15, 2021 0

Identical triplets have revealed their dating struggles as they say guys often compare them to identify them.

Sherena, Kayley and Elise Terry, from Kent, are very close siblings and say they wouldn’t change a thing about being triplets.

But despite this, 18-year-olds are confronted daily with comments that one of them is “prettier” or “leaner” in order to differentiate them.

Usually they have to fight to “be their own people” because boys don’t bother getting to know their individual personalities.

Instead, guys flirt with each of them to increase their chances of having a date.

Currently, Sherena is the only threesome in a relationship, but she also faces rude comments.

She said, “It’s normally the boys who compare us in the comments on TikTok, saying which one they think is prettier or more skinned.”

The sisters grew up having similar styles until they got older

Sherena added, “Sometimes it can be girls too, but it’s always about how we look.

“It’s not nice to hear and we just think it’s a little weird that people feel the need to write this stuff.

“It’s harder to find love because boys find it a little weird that they have a girlfriend who has two sisters who look like her.

“We have people who say ‘your boyfriend must love your sisters because you all look alike’, but it just doesn’t work that way.

“We all have our own personalities and differences, so it’s just a little weird thing to say.”

Sherena, Kayley and Elisa Terry
They say people flirt with all of them to increase their chances of dating

Elisa added: “The boys will try to message all of us at the same time to increase their chances of having a date, which is very annoying.

“We tell each other right away if a boy has texted us, so if that happens, we just don’t respond.

“We don’t have the same type anyway so we never had a fight over a boy.”

The girls’ parents, Lisa, 49, and Paul, 47, initially thought they only had one baby, their first child.

But a 12-week scan revealed one more baby, then two babies, giving new parents the shock of their lives.

Triplets have been compared and confused with each other their entire lives, even by close family and teachers.

They have gained a large following on social media for their striking similarity and often test their fans by switching places in the blink of an eye.

Although they have a “natural” similarity in the fashion sense, as they got older girls developed their own styles.

Kayley said: “We share clothes and makeup because we’re the same height, but we have our own styles that make us different.

“I think loving a lot of the same things comes naturally from being triplets.”

Sherena, Kayley and Elisa Terry at birth
Their parents were expecting a child until an ultrasound revealed another baby, then a third

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Despite the pitfalls of being the same, the sisters say they wouldn’t change a thing about being triplets.

Sherena revealed, “We really like being tripled because we can still hang out together.

“We have a very strong bond and we do everything together, we are best friends.

“We also have the same friendship group and the same hobbies – we do ballroom dancing and Latin dance together.”

Elisa admitted: “When we move it will be pretty weird after being so used to always being together. We’ll have to get used to it.”

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