What Your Personality Type Means For Your Dating Game

By on July 29, 2022 0

Your dating game is in your blood. You were born with a say in who you spend your life with, and how your matching genes programmed you to respond to love is all about chemistry and attraction.

But what do you know what motivates you? Yours could be one of the most important matches of your life, so be sure to date wisely by knowing your match type. Here’s what your personality type means for your dating game.

What is your personality type?

Your personality type is the result of a confluence of biological, psychological and cultural factors. According to researchers, people have a “sixth sense” for recognizing other people’s personality types. You could be an INFJ. This raises the question, what does INFJ mean? It’s full for introverts, intuitives, feelings and judgments, i.e. a person who is always looking for a friend to talk to the idealist, or an extrovert who needs constant stimulation to be happy.

You might identify as a “people person” or an “organized” person. Since we are all different and complementary, the best way to get to know your match is to get to know yourself first. Once you understand your match type, you’ll be better equipped to understand how your personality type affects your love life.

Knowing how you react to and handle different situations will help you navigate encounters more effectively. In the process, you’ll also be better equipped to spot bad apples in the encounter barrel and spot the good ones in the crowd.

Understand your match type

Your match type is the result of a complex web of biological, psychological, and cultural factors. Understanding your match type is the first step towards optimizing your love life. There are five main types of people in the world: introverts, extroverts, sensitivity, and the “me generation”. The five parts of your match type work together to create who you are as a person.

An introvert is someone who is more interested in being alone than in company. These are the types who would rather read a book, watch TV, or play a sport than go out for coffee or drinks. An extrovert is someone who is more interested in being around other people.

These are the types who like to go out for a coffee or a drink, or join friends for a drink or a meal. An “extroverted” person is responsible for about 75% of social influence. “Generation Me” is out of touch with “old school” and “old navy” habits, so it’s important to use your match type to your advantage.

Yours is a type of relationship – So what does that mean?

There are four main types of relationships: friends with benefits, romantic, sexual, and business. You may not have realized it before, but you have a obligation with your SO which is unique and unforgettable. The term “relationship” can be misleading, as many types of partnerships can be described as a “relationship”.

In a romantic relationship, you love your SO and want to spend the rest of your life with him. In a business relationship, you want to make sure that the two people working together get what they need, now and in the future. People will often use their relationship type to describe their relationship with a partner. For example, someone who is an ‘outgoing’ person will also be ‘social’. Someone who is a “sensitive” person will also be “caring”.


Your love life is about to get a whole lot more interesting. You might feel nervous or embarrassed when meeting new people. However, with a bit of self-awareness, you can break away from the pack and find out who you truly connect with. Once you know who you are, you’ll be well on your way to finding that special someone in your life.

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