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Who is Amara La Negra’s boyfriend? Inside the “LHHMIA” star’s love life

By on October 5, 2021 0

On VH1 Love and hip-hop: Miami, navigating in the world of dating can come with its share of dramas. From messy divorces to love triangles, finding and maintaining a relationship is no easy task for stars. And as Amara La Negra experienced the inconvenience of dating Shay’s brother Emjay, who was considered a gold digger, the singer decided to play romantically even more carefully.

As we get to the heart of Season 4, Amara has decided to try love again. Emjay’s efforts to regain his good graces failed, and Amara fell in love with a new man.

But for now, is Amara still with this new boyfriend? Turns out she recently broke some pretty big news.

But first, let’s go back and start from the beginning.

After having a miscarriage, Amara La Negra revealed that she was pregnant and would be a single mother.

Baby on Board! On November 4, 2021, Amara took to Instagram to reveal that she was pregnant with twins! In the post, she is holding photos of her ultrasound and pregnancy test while smiling from ear to ear.

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“I’m so excited to finally share that we have twins on the way! Thank you @clearblue for being a part of our journey and giving me the most amazing news! There is nothing better than seeing the word PREGNANT! Even though I’m scared and nervous, especially after a miscarriage, I’m also excited and have a roller coaster of emotions but it’s really a blessing, “she wrote with multiple hashtags including #Rainbowbaby.

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Not to mention, Amara also revealed that she is single.

“I’ll be a single mom,” she said People in spanish. “I know that my babies will depend on me. A father is not the one who brings forth the child, but the one who raises it. In time, if God will grant me the blessing to find the right man, the one who supports me, who accepts me with my children, then Amen, it will be well received. “

However, RealityTitbit reports that Amara and Allan have a relationship every now and then. So there is a chance they will reconcile in the near future, especially since fans have speculated online that Allan is the father of Amara’s twins.

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Baby daddy drama aside, Amara’s Rainbow Babies have been coming for a long time, especially considering the start of Season 4. In the super trailer, Amara suspects that she might to be pregnant. After talking to a doctor and letting her know she hasn’t had a period for three weeks, reality hits her.

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“There might be a chance that I’m pregnant,” she told her father.

Her father seems shocked by the news. She makes him promise not to say anything and says, “My mother is going to kill me.

This scene has been living rent-free in the minds of fans on social media since the trailer was released.

But unfortunately, on October 19, 2021, Amara shared a message saying that she had a miscarriage in July 2021.

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“In July, I found out I was pregnant,” Amara wrote. “I didn’t even know or suspect [sic] be pregnant because I have taken all measures to prevent it. However, two weeks after I missed my period, I started to bleed, to have really bad cramps! “

Amara went on to explain that she initially believed the bleeding and cramping was caused by her pre-existing condition of fibroids, but it turns out that she was in fact having a miscarriage.

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It’s amazing that Amara opened up about her experience. It is important to know that those who miscarry are not alone. There are many resources ranging from support groups to helplines that can help with the healing process.

Now that Amara has a double bun in the oven, the fans are supportive and wished her a safe and happy pregnancy. After so much excitement, congratulations are definitely in order for the star.

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