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Woman reveals ‘red flag’ dragging singles left on dating apps

By on May 23, 2022 0

A woman has taken to Reddit to share the ‘red flag’ singles should watch out for when navigating the world of online dating after being ‘fished’ countless times

She warns singles to watch out for ‘dog fishers’ on dating apps

When navigating the world of online dating, singles can spend months directly searching for “the one”.

But as soon as they strike up a conversation with their partner, things can quickly turn sour.

A woman has shared a major “red flag” hopeful romantics should watch out for when browsing dating apps.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained how she caught men trying to ‘fish her up’ on a date by including a photo of themselves posed next to someone else’s dog on their profile.

She said: “I keep seeing profiles of guys in their late 20s to early 30s saying ‘Don’t date me unless you like dogs’, ‘This is my best friend all over the world” or “I will delete this app when my dog ​​likes you”.

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She has noticed an increase in the number of men trying to pass off someone else’s dog as their own.


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“Then I start talking and say what’s your dog’s name? And they admit they don’t have a dog. It’s their sister’s dog, or the ex girlfriend’s dog, or a friend’s dog. They don’t even know the name of the animal.

“They start listing all the reasons why they don’t have a pet – allergies, too much responsibility, don’t like smells or don’t really like animals.”

Fearing it’s a bad sign, the woman urges singles to “get out while they can” to save themselves from future lies.

She added, “I own a dog. It would be a major green flag if my potential date also has a pet that he cares for and loves.

“I think a lot of women with pets would want to match someone with the same pet as them – whether it’s a lizard, snake, fish, dog, cat or rabbit.”

Wondering if she was being “too sensitive” about all this, she asked other Reddit users what they thought of the people, including someone else’s pet on their dating app profile.

One user said: “The fact that these guys are too stupid to remember the dog’s name or just make one up when asked explains a lot.

“Like, you have to expect that if you have a dog in your profile, people are going to ask for that dog’s name.

“What kind of model doesn’t have an answer to that question? Red flag for lying. Red flag for being dumb as a rock.”

Another user added: “That’s a red flag. I’m a guy and I remember reading somewhere that women tend to click on pet owners for the reasons you mention.

“It’s just to have dates, not that they really care about the animal, especially if they can’t remember their name. I remember each of my pets because they were part of the family.”

A third user said: “If they don’t mention it’s not their dog somewhere, it’s bait.

“They’re just proving that they can’t actually take care of a dog because of the amount of work, but they want to reap the benefits of having a dog.

“That probably translates to how they are in real life as well. Keep that in mind as you go on your date. Any other red flags, run. They’re probably not worth your time”

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