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Your Partner Could Be Hiding Dating Apps On Their Phone With A Weird iPhone Trick

By on June 27, 2022 0

THERE IS a clever iPhone hack that lets you hide almost any app.

This can prevent people from stumbling into a sensitive app if they use your phone, but can also be used by cheating partners to hide dating apps.


You can hide sensitive apps on your iPhone, like a dating serviceCredit: Apple / TikTok / @markdx_

The trick was shared by the creator of TikTok @markdx_where it earned thousands of likes from impressed Apple fans.

There are two towers in play here.

The first is how to hide home screen pages.

That’s thanks to the App Library, which means there’s no longer a need to have a home screen full of apps.

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You can now hide apps from the home screen without having to delete them.

And you can even hide entire pages of apps to make your life easier.

The new Apple feature was added in iOS 14 and is still available in iOS 15.

To verify that you are using the correct iOS version, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

So how does it all work?

For starters, you now have a permanent app library if you scroll all the way to the right of your home screen.

This is where all your apps are stored and they are automatically organized into their own categories.

So if you have apps on hidden home screen pages, they will still be visible in your app library.

Hiding a homepage is simple.

First, make sure all the apps you want to hide are stored on a home screen page that you also want to hide.

Then hold your finger on the home screen until your app icons start wiggling.

Next, tap the bubble with dots inside it at the bottom of your screen – the one that shows what page you’re on.

This will take you to a home screen view that allows you to hide individual pages – by “unchecking” them.

Once you’re done, just click Done in the top right corner.

These pages don’t disappear forever and are perfectly preserved until the next time you want to view them.

Of course, you can also leave them hidden forever.

Next, in the TikTok video, we also learn how to hide the app from Siri.

If you’re on your iPhone, you’ll notice that swiping down on the home screen will bring up an app.

Similarly, you can search for an app using voice or text.

But it is possible to disable these features for individual apps.

Go to Settings then search for Siri & Search.

Next, scroll down and select the app you want to hide.

Tap settings, then disable the following:

  • Show app in search
  • Show content in search
  • Show on home screen
  • Suggest an app
  • Suggestion notifications

This means that Siri will no longer suggest that app, even if you specifically searched for it.

There is always a way to find an application: the application library.

Even if you hide the app from your home screen, someone can still discover it in the App Library on the far right of your iPhone screens.

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It’s also possible that someone could just type in your settings and deselect the settings you changed.

But it’s a good way to make an app harder to find.

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